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Ministry & the Liturgical Assembly:The Mission of and Care for the Worshiping Body of Christ

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Do we truly understand what it means for us and for the world, that we are members of the worshiping Body of Christ? And do those who serve in the various liturgical ministries view their roles as support and care for the liturgical assembly and its mission? Come to this series on liturgy and liturgical ministry, which will explore the depth and richness of our liturgical identity and mission as members of Christ’s Body, and the power and spirituality of sharing one’s ministerial gifts in service to the assembly.

David A. Stosur, Ph.D.

The Ministry of the Liturgical Assembly: Saturday, March 10, 2018/9:00 am-3:00 pm
Liturgical Ministers: Saturday, March 24, 2018/9:00 am-3:00 pm

All Saints Church Sanctuary
4051 North 25th Street

Light Lunch Provided at both workshops

No Cost but Please register by Monday, March 5, 2018

Cecilia Smith-Robertson, 414.444.5610


Protecting Families Online

April 02, 20197:00 PM - 9:00 PMAdd to Calendar

While the Internet is a valuable tool, it can also be a dangerous place, especially for children and young people.  One of the greatest dangers is Internet pornography.  In this conference, Dr. Kleponis will discuss the dangers of Internet pornography and how we can protect ourselves and our families from it.  The evening will consist of two talks:

  1. Understanding the Pornography Epidemic:  Pornography use in our culture is an epidemic, and Catholics are not immune.  In this talk, Dr. Kleponis defines pornography and discusses all the ways it enters our lives.   He explains the addictiveness of pornography, and why it is considered the "new crack cocaine."  He also presents the devastating effects that pornography use has on marriages, teens and children.  Current research findings are provided along with stories of real people who have been affected by pornography.  The goal is to help Catholics truly understand the seriousness of the pornography epidemic in America.

  2. Protecting Families and Helping Those who are Addicted: In this talk, Dr. Kleponis provides practical strategies for protecting families from pornography.  This includes preventing children from encountering it and educating teens on how to avoid and reject it.  Resources, such as software, books and DVDs are recommended to educate parents, clergy, educators, youth workers and teens.  Dr. Kleponis also discusses what is needed for a healthy and successful recovery.  Vital information is provided on where to find help for those who are struggling with addiction and for their loved ones.  The goal is to help people realize that help is available.  Individuals can recover and marriages can be restored!

This conference is perfect for anyone age 11 and older.  It is recommended that parents attend with their children so they can discuss the conference afterward and ways they can protect themselves.

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