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How to select a retreat facilitator

All the speakers listed in this resource guide come highly recommended as knowledgeable, experienced, and dynamic speakers. They have varied ministerial experience, and are people of faith, eager to companion others on the spiritual journey. All are available for staff retreat days and several are available for overnight retreats as well.

Each speaker was asked to list up to five topics appropriate for staff retreat days. As indicated, many of the speakers have additional topics prepared and are willing to develop new topics if given enough lead time. Be sure to discuss the particular spiritual enrichment needs of your staff when you call to make inquiries. Do not hesitate to ask a speaker to adapt the topic to your group or to highlight a particular aspect of the topic most needed by your staff.

Each speaker was asked to list some general fees for half day (approximately 3 hours), day long (approximately 6 hours), and overnight retreat experiences. A one night overnight would include one conference the first evening and continue until 3 or 4 p.m. the next day. A two night overnight retreat would include one conference the first evening, all day the second day, and a morning conference the third day, ending by noon. These are general fees and will be adjusted to your specific time frame. Several speakers charge for their travel time and mileage. Some of the speakers are willing to negotiate fees based on your ability to pay. These particular details must be worked out with individual speakers in your inquiry phone call. This information was current January 2010 and will be updated every six months.

Because of the breath and depth of their various ministries, these speakers are busy people! We recommend that you book your speaker several months in advance, especially if you want him or her to develop a new topic for your staff. If you have a conversation with a speaker and pencil in a tentative date on the calendar, please be sure to follow up promptly if you have chosen a different date or a different speaker.

Other considerations:

  • Will you require a short description of the topic of the day and a short bio of your speaker? By what date will you need these?
  • Who will provide handouts? Generally the speaker will send handouts to you to duplicate at least a week in advance of the retreat.
  • What room arrangement and extra equipment (wipe-off board, TV/DVD, etc.) does the speaker require? Will a mike be needed? A prayer table?
  • What time would you like the speaker to arrive? Is he/she needed the entire day? Who will be responsible for prayer?
  • Get the speaker good, specific directions to the location. Where is the available parking?
  • What door should he/she enter? Where is the retreat room?
  • Be sure to have the check ready on the retreat date. Does the speaker charge a cancellation fee (for holding the date and preparation work) in the event that the retreat has to be cancelled?
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