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Missionary Discipleship Institute

Missionary Discipleship Institute Workshop

Be formed for a life of mission in a community of Catholic leaders from around the Archdiocese of Milwaukee through the Missionary Discipleship Institute (MDI).


The MDI offers formation in the essentials for living the life of a missionary disciple through impact sessions and impact experiences.


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Impact Sessions provide an interactive workshop learning experience in community with other growing Catholic disciples. The schedule of Impact Session Saturdays is:

8:00 AM Doors open for registration and continental breakfast
8:30 AM Welcome and facilitated discussion
9:00 AM Impact Session Breakouts begin (participants choose one)
12:00 Processing discussion over lunch
1:00 PM Conclusion

Your $15 registration fee for each Impact Session covers food and materials. (Lunch is included in your registration, please let us know if you will not be staying for lunch.)

Upcoming Impact Sessions

February 23, 2019 | Hosted at the Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center (3501 S Lake Dr, St. Francis)
The Mission of the Church: Intro to Missionary Discipleship with Rich Harter
School of Prayer: Discernment of Spirits with Pete Burds
Cultivating a Heart for the Lost, Least, Last, and Lonely with Margaret Rhody

March 23, 2019 | Hosted at the Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center (3501 S Lake Dr, St. Francis)
Sharing the Great Story: Practical Ways to Tell the Good News with Pete Burds
Conversion Conversations: Walking with Others with Margaret Rhody
Evangelizing Apologetics: Speaking the Truth in Love with Rich Harter

For more details on each Impact Session:

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  The Mission of the Church: Introduction to the Institute of Missionary Discipleship

Mission statements are very popular in the business world today. Have you ever thought, “What is the ‘core’ mission statement of the Church”? This impact session will provide you with the overarching view of the missionary call Christ has given the Church, as well as some practical tools and resources to help you to be on mission. (We strongly encourage all participants to complete this Impact Session prior to all other Impact Sessions)

  Knowing the Mission Field: Being on Mission in a 21st Century Context

Our world is full of "-isms" that greatly affect our thoughts on who God is and who we are as his sons and daughters. This impact session will focus on knowing the prevailing cultural milieu and how to respond in an evangelizing way.

  School of Prayer: The Disposition of a Missionary Disciple

Prayer is at the heart of missionary discipleship. This impact session will aid you in learning how to pray in light of the tradition of the Church, explore the dispositions of a prayerful heart, and give you opportunities to encounter Christ through prayer in a powerful way.

  School of Prayer: Discernment of Spirits

Discernment of Spirits is the prayerful practice of listening to our Interior movements to follow God’s will for our lives. This session will help participants understand and use discernment in their daily prayer.

  Conversion Conversations: Walking with Others

Every disciple has been mentored in some capacity by another disciple. The missionary disciple is able to discern where someone is on their journey of faith and lead them closer to Christ. This impact session will give you the practical tools for walking with someone through conversations that lead to conversion and the fullness of Catholic life.

  Sharing the Great Story: Practical Ways to Tell the Good News

The great story of God’s plan for His people has been told through the centuries and we, as missionary disciples, need to be able to tell it simply and convincingly to others. This impact session will equip you for sharing the Kerygma (the great story of Christ), and help you tell how the great story of Christ’s love has come alive in your life.

  The Social Dimension of the Gospel: The Lay Vocation to Transform the World

Pope Francis reminds us: “To evangelize is to make the kingdom of God present in our world” (Evangelii Gaudium, #176). This impact session will explore our missionary calling to engage in social issues through the wisdom and practice of Catholic Social Teaching. 

  Scripture for Mission: Understanding the Big Picture of Scripture

Our God is a missionary God! He has been on mission to seek and save us from the beginning of time. This session will explore the Scriptures in light of God’s missionary outreach to us and to the world.

  Evangelizing Apologetics – Speaking the Truth with Love

At some time, all of us are in a situation where someone speaks about the Catholic faith in a questioning, confused, or hostile way. This calls for apologetics which is simply the “defense of the faith.” This impact session will explore how to prepare for and practice evangelizing apologetics, with specific practice on some of today’s most disputed Church Teachings.

  Accompaniment – The Long View of Discipling

Walking with someone into discipleship happens on the Holy Spirit’s timetable. In some cases, this can mean accompanying someone over a period of months and years. So how do we do that? This impact session will equip missionaries with the spirituality, practices and perspectives for discipling over the long haul.    

  Cultivating a Heart for the Lost, Least, Last, and Lonely

Jesus went to those on the margins and loved them as they had never experienced before. A missionary disciple following in the steps of the Master, seeks to grow in that love for and truly see those on the margins of our own neighborhoods, workplaces, and community. Participants in this session will seek God's grace to stretch our hearts to love the lost, the least, the last, and the lonely.





Offered less frequently than Impact Sessions, the Impact Experiences provide a unique retreat-like experience over a number of days to take the participant deeper into the life of missionary discipleship.


Called and Gifted Workshop


The Catherine of Siena Institute offers this Saturday daylong workshop to help disciples understand and discern their God-given gifts or “charisms.” When we allow the Holy Spirit to work through our charisms, we discover a sense of joy and peace as we live according to our divine purpose. This workshop involves learning about 26 of the most common charisms, completing the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory to identify which charisms you may have, and scheduling a personal gifts interview to explore how to begin experimenting with your charisms. Registration fee for Called and Gifted is $40, which covers materials and meals. No one will be denied due to financial circumstances.



Healing the Whole Person


As we grow as disciples on mission, we accompany others who struggle with anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, illness, or patterns of sin they can't seem to break. The closer we grow in relationship with our Lord, He also shows us our own brokenness. Do you know how to help others (and yourself) bring these wounds to God and receive His gifts of healing and peace? In Healing the Whole Person, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT, and Dr. Bob Schuchts (author of Be Healed) will help us to understand and receive the healing our Lord longs to give through the sacraments and prayer in the heart of the Catholic Church. 



As always, no one will be denied due to financial circumstances. Please let us know if you need financial assistance to participate.


Download This Year's Schedule

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